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Model A506   Out case Silver ABS
Size 330*210*115mm   Weight NW 3.4kg / GW 5.0kg
LCD -   LCD size -
Electrode plate Titanium platinum coat iridium   Electrode plate 3 / 5 / 7
Power supply AC110-220V   Power 160W
Water out put(max) 4L/min   Water temperature 5~40℃
Water pressure 0.1~0.3MPa   Alkaline level 4
Acidic level 2   pH Range 5-10
ORP(Mv) ﹢500 ~ ﹣500   Voice prompt Optional
Self-clean function Yes   Inner filter Optional
working hour
60min   Mandatory
cleaning function
1. Using Jeudao electrolytic cell, through FDA and ROHS test;
2. Titanium platinum alloy electrode plate developed by Jeudao, the life time is longer than national stander and
peer level;
3. Strong electrolysis, meet the global water different condition;
4. Ionic membrane imported from Japan, strong resistant ability of acid and alkaline, long life;
5. Constant pH value output technology;
6. Intelligent control system, ease of use;
7. Automatic double cleaning technology;
8. UV paint technology, scratch resistant, easy to clean;
9. Metal coil imported from Japan.