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Name Coin-sell ionic water ionizer   Model S1601
Model AC 220V/50Hz   Power 800W
Out put flow rate 5~10L/min   Out put PH range 8.5~10
Out put ORP Below -200mV   Size 800*680*2000mm
LCD size 21 inch, As advertising   Price Coin or Card
Price Adjustable   Source of water Tap water
1~40℃   Water temperature 5~40℃
Filtering process
Tap water →① Stainless steel mesh →② 0.01 Micro UF →③ Imported activated coconut shell carbon and
KDF →④ UV ultraviolet sterilization →⑤ Electrolysis → Drink directly
The water quality
of effluent
In accordance with the drinking water quality processors health safety and function evaluation specification --
general water processor (2001).
Purified function
① Remove the sediment and rust;
② Remove viruses, colloid and suspended impurities;
③ Remove chlorine, pesticide and heavy metal pollution.
Product feature
1. Different from pure water and mineral water sale machine, coin-sell ionic water ionizer can make weak
alkaline, small molecules and the negative potential, the high quality of healthy drinking water;
2. withgout storage tank , drink directly;
3. Equipped with 21 LCD inch LCD, can be as advertising;
4. Through the ultra filtration, Europe imported coconut shell activated carbon, KDF,and UV filtering process,
water can reach the direct drinking standard, safety and good taste;
5. With using platinum-titanium alloy plates, JEUDAO high-quality electrolytic cell has a strong electrolytic
ability and long service life;
6. Large electrolytic area and large out put water flow rate;
7. Sell with coin and card two ways, rate set freely;
8. Water automatic disinfection, ensure health drink;
9. 1.2 mm thickness of 304 stainless steel shell, never rust;
10. Automatic cleaning system.