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Name Commercial purification   Model D601/D801
Rate water flow rate 1~2 ton/h   Power supply AC 220V/50Hz
Water temperature 5~40℃   Disinfection device Ozone
Rate power 90W   Filtering material UF, Imported activated carbon and KDF
1~40℃   Total purified
water amount
200/300 ton
Source water
0.1~0.3MPa   Water supply Tap water
The water quality
of effluent
In accordance with the drinking water quality processors health safety and function evaluation specification --
general water processor (2001).
Filtering process
Tap water →① stainless steel mesh →② 0.01 micron UF →③ imported activated carbon and KDF →④ UV
ultraviolet sterilization → drink directly
Purified function
① Remove the sediment and rust
② Remove viruses, colloid and suspended impurities
③ Remove chlorine, pesticide and heavy metal pollution